Topic decriptions

First and foremost, it is important to state that you are completely free to suggest your own topic. Topics listed here are mainly suggestions, partially in line with what I do my research in or I have experience with. Either way, if you are interested in something else and you think that I can help you out with that, feel free to drop me an e-mail. Let’s talk :)

Parallelization and HPC programming

  • Parallelization of various problems
  • Do you have an application that you would like to run on an HPC? Optimization, parallelization, and running the application in question on an actual HPC could be your topic :)

Heterogeneous systems programming and utilization

  • GPU programming
  • Custom heterogeneous systems programming. This usually implies systems with accelerators for specific applications.

Research topics

  • You can plug into some of the research I’m doing right now. Check out my research subpage.
  • Right now, I’m aiming into extending support for advanced memory management schemes in RISE for the GAP8, a heterogeneous platform I delivered support for in RISE.
  • You might wanna try putting GAP8’s Hardware Convolution Engine (HWCE) to good use by utilizing it in a real-world application, like Sobel filter.
  • There is also a new project proposal underway with a partner at the University of Ljubljana. Briefly, the project will hopefully aim to extend support for approximate computing accelerators in RISE. Rumours say that such accelerators will be integrated into HERO platform.
  • Let’s try something with the OpenPiton
  • …or maybe with any of the PULP systems :)

Social and political processes modeling and simulation

  • Election simulation
  • Political rating modeling
  • Maybe out there are some other processes that you would like to model and simulate? :)

Embedded systems

  • Construction of embedded systems, IoT modules, and similar devices based on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components
  • Software development for embedded systems, microcontrollers, etc.
  • Full bottom-up development of IoT solutions, from data-collecting modules or actuators to web services handling the application logic
  • There is one concrete IoT application development in progress right now, you are free to join.

Web services

  • Automated student evaluation and grading systems
  • You could always develop web services or full-stack web applications for whatever domain you want :)