About me

I am Research and Teaching assistant working with Computer systems and processes research group at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing(UNIZG FER).

My research interets are mainly heterogeneity and domain-specific languages. Through my PhD (titled “Programming model for heterogeneous computing systems with customizable accelerators”), supervised by Josip Knezovic, I’m aiming to deliver a novel domain-specific language for rapid application development on heterogeneous platforms, while retaining performance comparable with the low-level programming and abstracting implementation details. More details are available on Research subpage.

Generally, I have rich experience (10+ years) in software engineering (full-stack web applications, web services development, CMS development), embedded engineering (embedded software, complete IoT solutions), and system administration (Linux based servers). Some of my projects are publicly available on my Github profile.

General interests

  • Software engineering in general
  • Ubiquitous computing / Sensors
  • Software for embedded hardware