Hazelnut - An Energy Efficient Base IoT Module for Wide Variety of Sensing Applications

Published in Proceedings of the Sixth European Conference on the Engineering of Computer-Based Systems, 2019

Available at: https://doi.org/10.1145/3352700.3352702

With the everlasting expansion of Internet of Things (IoT), backed by the increased availability of cheap hardware making it widely available, more and more modules are finding their usage in everyday situations. In order to maximize the pervasiveness of IoT modules, human intervention must be reduced to a bare minimum. This primarily addresses the need for relatively frequent battery charging, since cheap microcontrollers for IoT modules available to the masses are still significantly energy inefficient. This renders such modules hardly usable in amateur and semi-professional environments.

As a solution to the problem of cheap but energy inefficient modules, this paper introduces a concept of designing an IoT module of two microcontrollers: one powerful and peripheral-rich with networking capabilities, and one extremely energy-saving, used to wake up the first one from a deep sleep mode when richer set of functionalities is needed or more intensive tasks are processed. The system is described from a top view along with its implementation in a case study. Power consumption is evaluated practically through a well-defined measurement methodology and comparison of the results. We show that by adding an additional cheap and energy-saving microcontroller, one can achieve significant energy savings with an insignificant rise in the overall price of the system.

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